Action Planning Repository
  • 30 Jun 2020
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Action Planning Repository

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The Action Planning Repository contains relevant, insightful articles from various e-sources to help you better understand the experience elements and create action plans that enhance employee experience.

How to Access the Action Planning Repository

In your Dashboard 2.0, you can find the 'Action Planning' option in the left-hand side of the menu.

action planning button

How to Utilise Action Planning Repository

  • When you land on the Action Planning Repository page, you can choose a driver that you want to explore by selecting it at the top of the page.
    drivers filter

  • In the left hand side, you can find three category filters:

  1. Actionable: These are the articles which suggest viable actions you can consider to solve the problem.
  2. Informational: This category contains educational content that give you more context on the problem and its importance for your company.
  3. Recommended: These are the content pieces that our People Science team believes hits the employee experience sweet spot. The articles in this category are highly recommended by us to eliminate the driver-element problem.
    3 categories filter
  • Below the category filter, you can find an element filter. By selecting one or multiple elements here, you can read articles related to them selectively chosen from our latest EX framework.
    elements filte
  • If you're looking forward to reading about a particular topic, you can search it by typing your keyword in the search bar.
    keyword filter
  • After applying all your filters, you will get a list of articles on the page with their titles, content description, and user likability.
    page view of articles
  • You can access the full article by clicking on the Read full article button. Devise your engagement action plan backed by research-based ideas.
    read full article

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