24x7 Anonymous Bat
  • 22 Sep 2020
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24x7 Anonymous Bat

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Anonymous Bat

After your employees complete their chat with Amber, they are then provided with the option to chat with Anonymous Bat. Unlike conversations with Amber, all conversations with Anonymous Bat are kept completely anonymous. Only admins can review these messages without the sender’s name attached.

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The employee is informed that Anonymous Bat is their platform to speak with the assurance of complete anonymity. Most usages of Anonymous Bat revolve around topics that might harm the business or work culture. From our customers, we’ve heard stories of employees reporting cases of racism, sexual harassment, and bullying to Anonymous Bat, which they felt uncomfortable sharing openly and directly with Amber or the leadership team.

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Anonymous Bat is easily accessible through Amber's chat link, and can be accessed at any point in the employee lifecycle to share grave concerns.

Anonymous Bat also comes with a Trust Statement that clearly informs your employee who has access to the anonymous chat.

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Amber's analysis of anonymous chats

Currently, Amber does not analyse the textual responses/messages sent to Anonymous Bat. When an employee shares grave concerns like harassment, threats, or discrimination an email is immediately sent to the admins without disclosing the name of the employee so the issue can be looked into on priority.

What the admin does after receiving anonymous messages

You can chat with the concerned employee through the dashboard using the anonymous message link and attempt to resolve their concerns there. The employee will receive an email from Amber which will lead them to Anonymous Bat. From there, you and your employee can continue to chat further.

Once you have resolved the concerns raised by the employee, you can archive the chat by moving it to the close chat section.

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Anonymous Bat available 24x7

Anonymous Bat is accessible to employees 24x7. This feature is accessible after ending a conversation with Amber. HR teams can also choose to send a company-wide email containing a link to connect with Anonymous Bat at any point of time.

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