Configurable Reports
  • 13 Jul 2021
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Configurable Reports

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Here's a tutorial video on how to generate a report from the Amber Dashboard-

Features of Configurable reports

1. Date range & Filters: Similar to the universal filters on dashboard, you can select any filters.
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2. Demographic Analysis: You can create analytics/reports across any demographic like manager, function, department and HRBP.

3. Toggles: You can choose any of the below reports or sub-reports by toggling them on or off.

4. Driver & Element Section: You can select any Driver for a detailed analysis.
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Frequently asked questions-

1. How can I access Configurable Reports?
From the Navigation Bar on the left → Click on "Configurable Reports" option
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2. What's the minimum data requirement for generating a Report?
Minimum 1 completed chat in the selected date range & filter combination is required to generate a report.

3. What modules (Tenure etc) does the report include?
Reports can currently only be generated for the Tenure module for the following sections - Engagement Score, People To Meet (PTM), Response Rate, Mood and Driver-Elements.

4. When will I receive the report?
Within 2-5 minutes of successfully triggering the report from the dashboard, your report will be emailed to you automatically.


The format of the file will be a PDF report.
Character limit for the title is 40 characters

5. How will I receive the report?
The report will be emailed to you at your registered email address. It will be password protected and the instructions to access it will be mentioned in the email.
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6. Error Email & Code
In case there is a failure in generating the report, the following email will be sent to you. Each report has a token id (random alphabet string). You will need to forward this email to
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7. Is there any error handling in the report?
In case any page could not be generated due to data unavailability, the list is added to the end of the report.
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8. How can I restrict Access to Configurable Reports?
From the Personalised Views 2.0/Access Management section, you can toggle Configurable Reports off for any user. Additionally, for users with Export, PII, or Filters feature toggled off - Configurable reports will be toggled off as well (greyed out).
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