Employee Journey
  • 04 Jun 2021
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Employee Journey

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The Employee Journey page helps you gain insights into an individual employee's journey at your organization. You can track when exactly they went through highs and lows in their journey and why.

You can also view the history of the actions taken by the organization, track the engagement, and devise action plans for each individual.

How to Find an Employee's Journey Page

To land on an individual employee's journey page, you first have to click on Response Rate in your Dashboard 2.0.
response rate toggle

When you scroll on this page, you can find a list of employees who have had a chat with Amber.

Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 2.35.43 PM

Here, you can find the employee by searching his/her name, email or employee code. You land on their employee journey page by clicking on their name.

How to Navigate the Features on the Journey Page

When you click on an employee's name under the Response Rate list, you'll land on the Employee Journey page of that employee.

  • At the top, you can find the selected employee's basic individual information. You can also get a quick access to their phone number and email-ID.
    top bar individual journey

  • By clicking on Show More, you can expand on the employee's details and know their designation, marital status, division the employee works in, and so on.
    show more

  • In the same bar, below the employee's name, you can find options to schedule quick 1:1 and view their entire history on the click of a button.
    schedule 1 on 1 and view history

  • When you click on Schedule 1:1, a sample editable email can be quickly sent to the employee acknowledging their feedback and scheduling a meeting.
    schedule 1 on 1

  • By clicking on View History, you can know the actions taken by the organization at each touchpoint, notes added by admins, PTM case status, and so on.
    view history

  • Below the basic information bar, you can find an employee's:

  1. Recent Engagement Score: This is the engagement score calculated on the basis of the employee's last chat with Amber.
  2. Recent Mood Score: This is the mood score of the employee based on their last completed/dropped chat with Amber

Both of these scores only denote the recent mood and engagement score of the employee.

  1. Response Rate: This score helps you identify the total number of completed and dropped chats with Amber for the selected employee.
  2. Individual PTM Status: This helps your organization immediately know when an employee is (and has been) at a high or medium risk in the organization.
    engagement score + mood score + ptm status
  • Below these four scores, you can find an employee's individual engagement and mood score timeline. You can track variations in the engagement and mood score across touchpoints in each employee’s journey. By hovering on the points in the graph, you can see the scores and change views by switching between tabs on the right.
    timeline engagement score

  • Below these timelines, you can find the elements affecting the employee's engagement score. This feature allows your organization to note which experience elements are positively or negatively affecting an employee's engagement score at each touchpoint in their journey.
    elements individual journey

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