Engagement Score
  • 04 Jun 2021
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Engagement Score

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Engagement Score helps you quantify your employees' engagement level. This score assists you in tracking the driver-elements that impact engagement, analyse the health of your engagement strategies, and create action plans accordingly.

How to Calculate Engagement Score

Engagement Score is calculated as follows:

30% OVX (Mood score) + 70% Driver-Element Score = A Score out of 100.

How did we arrive at 30% OVX (mood score)?

We analyzed the importance of current mood score on employee engagement and ran this hypothesis across our customer base.

We also noticed Moments That Matter (MTM) (except appraisal) impacts this Engagement Score at an employee level. If a signficant percentage of employees undergo these changes either positively or negatively, it impacts the organization's overall Engagement Score.

To elaborate, MTM can be individual (eg: change in manager) or organizational (eg: changes in hierarchy/structure) in nature. If the change impacts fewer employees, their individual journey/PTM would highlight the impact at the individual level. But if there are a higher number of changes in the organization, there will be a visible impact of MTM on Engagement Score. In such a scenario, the admin would want to evaluate the change process.


Engagement Score is calculated only for employees who have completed their chats with Amber.

How to Access Engagement Score

  1. Login to your Beta Dashboard.
  2. Click on the 'Engagement Score' metric.
    engagement score on dashboard

Engagement Score will be displayed according to the selected date range. By default, it will be set to the past one year.

How to View Mood Score and Analysis

Under the Engagement Score section, you will see three important metrics:
Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 2.51.25 PM

  1. Filtered Mood Score: This score is based on the universal filters used by you such as Date range, Employees status, Designation or Department.

  2. Company Mood Score: This is the summarized mood score of your organization from employees who have completed their chats with Amber.


This only denotes your employees' current mood.

  1. Benchmark Mood Score: This score helps you gain a quick, accurate understanding of mood scores across similar-sized organizations.

  2. Benchmark Engagement Score: This score helps you gain a precise yardstick of engagement scores across similar-sized organizations.


Benchmark Mood Score and Benchmark Engagement Scores are calculcated based on past 12 months' data.

If you scroll to the end of the page (see image below), you'll find the overall mood analysis of all employees in your organization.
overall mood analysis

You can also filter to 'Dropped Chats' to analyze the mood spread across incomplete chats.

How to View Drivers-Element Framework Contribution on Engagement Score

Under Mood Score, you will see a pie chart depicting how the seven drivers have impacted your Engagement Score.
driver engagement score

You can also see 'Driver Insights' for each driver by clicking on a specific segment in the chart. This can help you evaluate which elements are performing well and which need attention.

Next to the drivers' impact, you can see the employee experience elements across the organization that affect your engagement score.
elements engagement score

This section will tell you which elements are working well, which can be improved further along with their score and the response count.

By clicking on 'View All Drivers' you can dive deeper into each element's summary and analytics.

How to Evaluate Your Engagement Score Over Time

Just below the driver-element framework, you will see a graph of how your overall engagement score is performing over time. You can track the variations across months and quarters.

engagement score graph

By hovering over the points in the graph, you can see the score and the response count for that time period as well.


Sudden fluctuations in the engagement score should be considered important for reflection.

How to Analyse Your Engagement Score over Demographics

Below the Engagement Score Timeline, you can filter to see your organization's engagement score across demographics like country, function, department, gender, and so on.

engagement score demographics

This can help you identify areas that are performing well and the ones that need help.