How does Amber work?
  • Updated on 10 Dec 2019
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How does Amber work?

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Amber ensures continuous employee engagement in 3 steps:

1. Select touchpoints & questions

Most organisations follow a typical 30-60-90 plan with a year-end survey which may not be the best way anymore to capture feedback. Amber, on the other hand, works on an employee lifecycle model. She reaches out whenever an employee completes a milestone, such as a work anniversary, with relevant and contextual questions based on our Employee Experience Framework (EN-EX Model)developed through extensive research by our People Science team.

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A staggered approach is recommended and preferred when it comes to Amber speaking to a certain set of employees who have completed a common milestone (and not to all employees at the same time). This creates buzz, increases response rate, and helps collect honest feedback from employees. Besides, every employee is different, shouldn't their conversations be too?

2. Connect in a personalized manner

Equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) based sentiment analysis, the questions which Amber asks are highly contextual, personalised, and relevant to the employee lifecycle; and these questions evolve as an employee grows in the organization. The questions come from our question bank based on the EN-EX Model.

Click here to view a sample Amber Chat

Research states 31% employees quit within the first 6 months, out of which 68% of them exit in the first 3 months. Early attrition and disengagement can cost organizations millions of dollars. Through Amber, we are bridging this gap with a customized approach wherein we increase the number of touchpoints in the first 18 months. This has so far helped organization reduce early attrition and retain high potential employees.

3. Drive Strategy with Predictive People Analytics

Based on Amber's interaction with your employees, you get actionable insights in real time through our dashboard and in your inbox in the form of daily and fortnightly reports.

  • Individual Journey
    Helps you track and understand your employee’s mood from their first to last day.


  • People To Meet
    Highlights people who are at risk of leaving the organization in real time.

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  • TextSens(Our in-house text analytics engine)
    Categorizes conversations employees have with Amber into relevant buckets.


  • Anonymous Bat(Amber's colleague and friend )
    Always on the lookout for topics and concerns that need to be shared discretly by employees which they would otherwise hesitate to share in person.

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A note about Amber's launch:
While preparing for Amber's launch within an organization, our product's feature ensures employees who have completed a milestone receive a link to commence their chat with Amber and share valuable feedback 3 months prior to the launch. We don't allow random company-wide one-for-all surveys anymore as it completely takes away Amber's USP of periodic, personalized touchpoints and leads to a decrease in response rate by over 60% for an enterprise with over 10,000 users.
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