ROI and Problems Addressed
  • 18 Feb 2021
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ROI and Problems Addressed

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At the cost of less than 1 HRBP, Amber delivers ROI as high as 20X.

Amber's objective is to help you tangibly measure employee engagement so that you remain on top of the employee's and the organization's pulse.

Hear from 8 HR Leaders

0:00 Intro

0:06 Biplob Banerjee, CHRO, Ex-Jubilant: "I am very sure that even if I had triple the number of HR people in my team and even if they had spent 4 times the number of hours with each employee, that kind of insight wouldn't have come."

0:20 Abhishek Sen, CHRO, Myntra: "Amber showed us trends not just across departments but as an organization as a whole. We've been able to prevent attrition in a lot of cases where attrition is due to misunderstanding, especially voluntary."

0:31 Aarif Aziz, Head HR, Ex-GE Healthcare: "The population which has gone through this, there is a significant improvement on the engagement index, on how they relate to the strategy of the company."

0:43 Geetha Thiagarajan, HR Leader, Ex-Societe Generale: "We were able to half the attrition from what we were in the previous years and from an engagement score perspective we were able to move from a 4 to 4.5 on a scale of 5 and Great Places to Great Places to Work, for the third year in a row we were able to achieve it"

1:05 Rohit Sandal, Director & CHRO, Ex-Lenovo: "You know the small things which you are not able to catch otherwise are the insights that we got from amber and we were possibly able to prevent a couple of attrition cases early attrition cases which otherwise we wouldn’t have had a team"

1:29 Manuel Vidal, Business Head, Altimetrik: "The attrition is reducing. This year we start using Amber and achieved the minimum (attrition) percentage of last five years"

1:43 Deep Kalra, CEO, MMT: "So HR for us does a lot on engagement and I think Amber is really helping them..give them the right tool where they can be more effective. So you’re not spending a lot of time in guessing; guesstimating."

1:59 Sonia Fernandes, CPO, MediaCom: "It (Amber) has personally helped me counsel several people with a range of issues that they would have otherwise had nobody to talk to about, struggle to deal with and resign."

  • “Tiger” Tyagarajan, CEO, Genpact: About 12 months back we had started experimenting with a chatbot that actually would go out to employees across the globe we have 95 000 employees and ask them questions and based on the answers come up with mood scores across various dimensions in COVID 19. We aggregate that and then someone like me and my team look at it and say there's a pocket of people in romania where we have 4 000 people but this group of 100 seems to have a score that doesn't sound right in terms of i don't feel good about what i'm doing i feel depressed you can have interventions. I think we have discovered the ability to use technology to do that better than just humans. It's always going to be a mix of the two so we think that's a big game changer not just for COVID 19 but post COVID 19 it's gonna last. Tiger, Genpact

  • -Anand Mathur, Group Head, HR, IIFL Clearly we have been able to reduce the attrition of hypos. I would strongly say that this an effective, efficient and quite a convenient way. talks about the role of engagement chatbots like Amber in HR - YouTube

  • Suvarna Mishra, Head HR, Sodexo "Our attrition has reduced by over four basis points. Of course, the managers and teams have been also working hard to understand the sentiments of all our employees.

  • Suresh Bose & Jatin Tyagi, Head HRs, Vedanta The insights we have got by from each of the businesses has been brilliant. This is the probably the fastest and the best way to get an honest opinion from all of them.When I get to see a bunch of smiles, I meanwhat more can you ask for.

Briefly, the Problems Addressed:

  • Reducing Overall Attrition Levels
  • Minimising Infant Attrition
  • Retaining Top Talent
  • Identifying Disengaged Employees
  • Deploying Macro Level People Analytics
  • Enabling Real Time Sentiment Analysis
  • Assessing the Organization Mood Score

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Broadly, Amber addresses:
1. Bottom Line: Rehiring/Recruitment/Training Costs
Amber's proactive engagement model helps enterprises increase the overall retention rate. This, in turn, leads to reduced re-hiring and re-training costs. Her dashboard's predictive people analytics capabilities helps in predicting at-risk cases, scheduling 1:1s through People to Meet, and measuring + correlating data from Day 1 to after an exit to identify and address the factors affecting attrition and disengagement.

2. Top line: Profits/Revenue
Amber's Watchlist feature helps you prioritize to Hi-Pos (high potentials) in an organisation to better engage and eventually, retain them. Such employees directly contribute to the revenue of the organisation, i.e., top line. If you are familiar with Pareto's Principle, Amber has been conceptualized keeping in mind that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results.

Verdict: Adopting Amber will lead to a significantly healthy top and bottom line for any organisation. Across certain organizations, we have seen Amber deliver ROI as high as 20x.

Case Studies

"Even if I tripled our number of HRBPs & they spent 4x the hours with each employee, that kind of insight would never have come."
-Biplob Banerjee, EX-CHRO, Jubiliant Foodworks

Here are some stories on Amber's impact across global organizations:



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