Uploading Employee Data
  • Updated on 19 Nov 2019
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Uploading Employee Data

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We highly recommend integrating with HRMS as that will keep your data updated in real time and will save a lot of time

Steps to add employee data in Amber

For Sub Admin's the upload window will be differnet however, steps mentioned below will remain the same Subadmin

Click on the video below to see how you can upload employee data:

For admin users

The data can be updated by the admin user after logging in to the dashboard and following the steps below :

1. Got to the Setup Page of the dashboard

2. Click "Upload Employees"
Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 11.14.48 AM

3. Download a sample data file
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 11.23.20 AM

4. Enter employee details in the prescribed format

5. Save and upload the file

6. The system will notify in case the file has errors
Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 11.23.55 AM

7. Click on "Download File"

8. Rectify the errors in the file and save it

9. Upload the updated file

10. After the data has been successfully uploaded, the system will let you know that the data will be processed and updated in 24 hours
Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 12.06.55 PM

People who do not have admin rights can also upload data using the same steps. However, they will need a magic link to do so. If you need the magic link please email us at help@infeedo.com :)

Guidelines for uploading the data

  1. No changes or modifications should be made to the sample database format
  2. The headers in the first row of database file should not be swapped or deleted
  3. Name, Email ID, Date of Joining, Department, Location are mandatory fields
  4. Email address should be entered as sample@infeedo.com and Date of Joining as DD-MMM-YYYY (17-Jan-1983)
  5. Please note the email address is a unique identifier. If the database file has two employees mapped to a same email ID, the system will show this as an error stating Duplicate Email ID.
  6. Phone number should be entered as a 10-digit number without the country code (for Indian Phone Numbers) or special characters and spaces (Sample: 9900012677).
For updating the status of an active employee to Ex-employee, besides what has already been mentioned above, you must include the date of leaving in the 'Leaving Date' section of the database file. Once done, upload the database file and the employee would be disabled
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